Saturday, July 7, 2012

May is a wonderful month...

 Mothers Day! My awesome husband made this delish cake! It was a wonderful day!
Birthday dinner at Cheddars! I love these girls, such a fun time!

The Girls Donated their Hair

 Lilli's before picture. I was so nervous...she was too:) Her hair was so beautiful just too long to manage!
 Izzy's before picture, seriously what beautiful locks! She was so ready to have her hair cut!
 We donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, so they only require  8 inches.
 We went to my friends salon, she was a little reluctant to cut it off! 
 Good job girls!! Whoever gets your hair is lucky:)

Last Day of School 2012

 We started our day off at LaMars, our favorite doughnut place! Seriously the best!
 The girls painted and planted gerber daisy's for their teachers! The tags said "Thank you for helping Lilli/Isabella bloom this year". They both had awesome teachers!

 End of year field trip to the park for picnic and playing! The boys and I met them there for lunch.
 Lilli and her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Marcelino
 Izzy and her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Bowen
Izzy and her buddy's

Izzy's Kindergarten Field Trip

 I was able to go to the Lincoln Zoo with y for one of her end of year field trips, so much fun!
 The penguin show
What a lucky mom I am to have such a beautiful daughter!

When Grandpa and Grandma came to visit.....

 We were able to attend the Kansas City open house, it was amazing of course. The girls thought it looked like a castle Talmage thought it was pretty cool too:) We stayed over night at a hotel and got to go swimming and watch movies till late, the kids were in heaven!
 The next day we went and visited Liberty Jail, it was a neat experience 
 We had to take them to the coolest zoo around, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

 Pretty amazing!
 Our favorite place Cherry on Top!

Dance at True Dance Studio

 Izzy took a tap and ballet combo, she liked it and did well but it's hard work as you can tell:)
 Lilli took a ballet class, which she informed me was very serious and strict, she worked hard and did an awesome job!

 She also took a jazz class and almost did the splits, she loved dance!

 This is the costume for her Jazz number "Let's Hear It For The Boys!"

 This is her costume for her ballet number "Lovely Balloons"

 Izzy did a tap number "Calendar Girl." She was June

 Izzy and her friend Ava, June and November
The girls did an awesome job! All of their hard work paid off:)

2011-2012 Pics Continued...

 Josh teaching Talmage what he knows best 
 Plastic easter eggs, a baby's favorite toy, he was in heaven!
 Winter Quarters Temple Visitors Center with the cousins!
 St. Patricks Day Treasure Hunt
 The girls and I  at The Hunger Games,we made T-shirts the night before....yes we are die hards:)

 Love this tree in our back yard, it blooms beautiful pink blossoms in the spring
 He's doing it....his first wave
What beautiful girls!